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Posted on November 15, 2023

There are a range of products that allow you to DIY (Do It Yourself) on P47. We care about the quality of the products that that you may choose to purchase; therefore, all the products you see before you in the DIY section, are of fine quality. P47 is dedicated to making sure that you are satisfied with the variety, quality and service, so your feedback is truly appreciated and taken into consideration.

What does DIY actually mean?

DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”. Now, in any normal situation, you may have something that you want to build or create, and you would ordinarily hire a professional to do it for you. However, since you may have a desire to make something with independence, without the help of a professional, you would simply do it yourself. In order to do that, you would definitely need some tools and utilities to complete the project that you have appointed yourself to.

Some of your projects may consist of greasing your brakes, and we have the product for that which can be the Granville silicone grease or the Granville 0121 multi-purpose grease tin, 500g depending on your project. You may want a certain type of glue and your nearest convenience store may not be in possession of it. In conclusion, P47 is the best place for you to get your apparatus for your DIY projects.

Some products you will find on P47:

Pairs Large Household Rubber Gloves for Washing & Cleaning:


This pair of gloves are reusable and are created from top-notch quality, natural rubber latex, very ideal for dishwashing, cleaning, gardening and taking care of pets.

Granville 0073A Silicone Grease Tube - 70g:

Granville 0073A Silicone Grease Tube - 70G

Granville Silicone Grease was made to lubricate taps, cylinder slides, stopcocks and valves. It can be used where ever there is a prohibition of traditional products because of the presence of chemicals and solvents. It can be used in both high pressure and temperatures environment as a damping material.

Granville Multi-Purpose Grease Tin - 500g:

Granville Multi-Purpose Grease Tin - 500g

Granville 0121 Multi-Purpose Grease Tin, 500g is important for keeping the vital components of your car properly lubricated is a simple step that will help your car last longer.

Granville Ceramic Brake Grease 500g:

Granville Ceramic Brake Grease 500 g

It provides a high degree of water resistance and is ideal for vehicles with ABS brake systems. Ceramic brake oil has no copper additives and is perfect for use with aluminium brake parts.

Durable Electrical Wire Cutter Cutting Plier Tool:

Durable Electrical Wire Cutter Cutting Plier Tool

For all of your wire cutting requirements, the Durable Electrical Wire Cable Cutting Plier Tool is a necessity. It’s precisely positioned and sharp blades giving your projects a polished appearance and guarantee a smooth, flush cut each and every time.

Bond it 500ml Contact adhesive Spray (3 tins):

Bond it 500ml Contact adhesive Spray (3 tins)

High-Performance Spray Adhesive is a very strong spray adhesive that may be used for many different things, such as flooring carpet tiles, foam and plutonium backing carpets, and underlay.

Bond-It Spray Adhesive High Strength 500ml:

Bond-It Spray Adhesive High Strength 500ml

Bond It Strong Spray is a Strong aerosol spray adhesive offers high-strength bonding. It works with a variety of materials. It works particularly well for attaching foam to foam.

Measuring Tape Body Waist Weight Height:

Measuring Tape Body Waist Weight Height

This tape measure comes with both an inch and a centimetre measuring scale, making it a vital addition to every sewing kit.

3 Pack Paint Brush Set Decorating DIY Painting:

3 Pack Paint Brush Set Decorating DIY Painting

This three-piece paintbrush set is ideal for professional craftsmen as well as household use. It works well for a variety of painting jobs, such as gloss, undercoat, and emulsion paintwork, and it helps you produce clean, accurate finishes.

6 pcs Precision Jewelers watch screwdriver Set:

6 pcs Precision Jewelers watch screwdriver Set

For dealing with watches, jewelry, glasses, and other tiny items, using this little screwdriver kit is a perfect option.

Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves:

Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

They offer better stability and control for gardening and decorating thanks to their additional grip palms. Comfort and durability are provided, and it's simple to wear and take off.

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