BAK Battery

BAK 18650 3000mAh N18630CK Battery

BAK 18650 3000mAh N18630CK Battery

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Introducing the P47 Nectar HD4 18650 Battery: Unleash the power with this rechargeable powerhouse. Featuring a robust 3500mAh capacity and a high-drain capability of 10A, it ensures extended usage and reliable performance for your devices. Compatible with any 18650 device, this battery sets the standard for industry-leading power. Elevate your energy game with the Nectar HD4.

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BAK 18650 3000mAh N18630CK Battery

The BAK 18650 3000mAh N18630CK Battery is a powerful option that will undoubtedly improve your vaping experience. This premium battery puts accuracy and dependability first, designed to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest vapors.

The BAK 18650 N18630CK Battery's robust 3000mAh capacity allows for all-day vaping. Regardless of your level of use—casual or serious—this battery gives the longevity you require to enjoy activities for longer periods without worrying about running out of power.

The BAK 18650 N18630CK Battery is engineered with cutting-edge design components and contemporary technology, and it has remarkable stability and dependability. It is made to endure heavy use and reliably provides smooth, constant performance, guaranteeing a flawless vaping experience every time.

Inside the box

1x BAK 18650 3000mAh N18630CK Battery


1 Type Premium High Drain Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery
2 Size 18650
3 Top Button-Top
4 Capacity 3000mAh

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BAK 18650 3000mAh N18630CK Battery

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