Colpermin IBS Relief 100 Capsules

Colpermin IBS Relief - 100 Capsules

Colpermin IBS Relief - 100 Capsules

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Experience relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) with Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules. These antispasmodic capsules effectively target and alleviate cramps and spasms in the large bowel and provide comfort for those affected by the discomfort of IBS. The active ingredient, peppermint oil, is released in the lower intestine, directly relaxing muscles and easing spasms. With a specialized enteric coating, these capsules ensure a delayed release, reaching the large bowel precisely where relief is needed. Colpermin is designed to help you regain control, making it suitable for adults and young adults over 15 years old. Embrace comfort with Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules.

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Colpermin IBS Relief 100 Capsules

Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules are antispasmodic medicine that helps with the cramps and spasms in the large bowel that happen when someone has Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS is a widespread condition that impacts numerous individuals, resulting in discomfort and spasms in the gut or intestines.

Colpermin capsules have peppermint oil as their active ingredient. These capsules are made with a special coating, known as an enteric coat. This coating ensures that the capsules do not dissolve until they have traveled through the stomach and upper intestine. With this delayed release mechanism, capsules reach the large bowel, where they can effectively relieve the spasms and cramps of IBS.

Once the Colpermin capsule for IBS relief reaches the lower intestine, it releases the peppermint oil. As it travels through the bowel, the peppermint oil directly targets the muscles, relaxes them and provide relief from uncomfortable spasms. This relaxation alleviates pain and also helps the pockets of gas, which can lead to bloating, to pass through the bowel and be expelled from the body.

Suitable For

Colpermin Capsules are suitable for adults and young adults over 15 years old.


Active Ingredient: Peppermint Oil 0.2 ml.
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Colloidal Silica, Titanium Dioxide (E171), Indigotine (E132), Eudragit L, Eudragit S, Triethyl Citrate, Ammonia, Monostearin, Polyethyleneglycol 4000, Talc, Purified Water, Beeswax and Refined Arachis (Peanut) Oil.

How To Use

FOR ADULTS AND KIDS 15 YEARS OR OLDER: Take 1 capsule with water, 3 times a day. And in more severe cases, the dose can be increased to 2 capsules, 3 times a day.

Hazards and Cautions
  1. Do not take the capsules right after eating or along with indigestion remedies. Taking them together may damage the capsules and interfere with their intended function.
  2. Do not chew or break the capsules before swallowing, as this can prevent the medication from working properly.
  3. If you have had a negative reaction to any of the ingredients before or if you have an allergy to peanuts or soya, avoid taking Colpermin capsules.
  4. Carefully read and follow the instructions when starting a new medication. If symptoms continue for more than two weeks, reach out to a doctor.
What is Colpermin IBS Relief used for?

The purpose of Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules is to precisely treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. Due to its antispasmodic qualities, the active ingredient, peppermint oil, helps ease the cramps and spasms that are linked with IBS in the large intestine. The delayed-release system makes sure the capsules go to the intended location and relieve pain and spasms in the muscles.

Can I take Colpermin every day?

Yes, Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules are designed for daily use. For adults and young people over the age of fifteen, one capsule taken three times a day with water is the suggested dosage. The dosage can be raised to two capsules, three times a day, in more serious situations. On the other hand, it's critical to adhere to the given directions and seek medical advice if symptoms worsen.

Is Colpermin good for gas?

Colpermin can be beneficial for gas-related symptoms associated with IBS. The peppermint oil in the capsules helps to relax the muscles in the intestines, which can facilitate the passage of gas and alleviate bloating. While it primarily targets spasms and cramps, the muscle relaxation induced by Colpermin can indirectly contribute to the relief of gas-related discomfort in the digestive system.

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Colpermin IBS Relief - 100 Capsules

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9 Customer Reviews

for Colpermin IBS Relief 100 Capsules

"If you are struggling with IBS symptoms and seeking relief, I highly recommend giving Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules a try. It is truly been a lifesaver for me, and I am confident it can make a difference for others too."


Elsie . Verified Buyer Review . 25th of March 2024

"Colpermin IBS Relief has noticeably eased my IBS symptoms. It s worth considering, but consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable."


Maya . Verified Buyer Review . 29th of February 2024

"Colpermin IBS Relief is a worth a try for fellow IBS warriors tired of the tummy rollercoaster. It s affordable, gentle on the stomach, and might just become your new pocket-sized anti-bloating ally."


Rosie . Verified Buyer Review . 19th of January 2024

"I have tried a lot of different over-the-counter medications for IBS, but nothing has worked as well as Colpermin IBS Relief. These capsules are gentle on my stomach and have no side effects."


Bieber . Verified Buyer Review . 29th of November 2023

"Once I found out about my ibs symptoms, the first thing I did was searching ibs medication online, and I am so glad for P47, really changed my life, Thanks."


Leslie . Verified Buyer Review . 17th of November 2023

"I had IBS pain and the Colpermin IBS capsules gave me so much relief. It felt so great after the cramps were slowly fading away"


Lily . Verified Buyer Review . 31st of October 2023

"I was struggling with pain of IBS for two weeks and daily trying out remedies to reduce this pain but none of them worked. After consultation with doctor, she suggested me Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules, and woah just after using one capsule I was noticing improvement in my IBS symptoms. Would definitely recommend Colpermin capsules to everyone dealing with IBS. Thanks."


Jayne . Verified Buyer Review . 16th of October 2023

"Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules is the best product for stomach problem. I have been using Colpermin capsules for a years now and it really helps me in easing my IBS symptom. I would recommend it to all IBS suffers."


Harrison . Verified Buyer Review . 6th of October 2023

"Based on my personal experience, Colpermin IBS Relief capsules have been a game-changer for managing my IBS symptoms. Whenever I feel those painful stomach spasms and cramps coming on, I take a Colpermin capsule and it helps to relax my gut muscles. The relief is pretty quick. What I really love about these capsules is that they have not caused any unwanted side effects for me. Recommended."


Megan . Verified Buyer Review . 3rd of October 2023

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