EVE 25P 18650

EVE 25P 18650

Introducing the EVE 25P 18650: A high-performance lithium-ion battery featuring a robust 2500mAh capacity, optimized for enduring power delivery. With versatile compatibility and dependable reliability, the EVE 25P ensures uninterrupted performance for a variety of devices, making it your go-to power solution.

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EVE 25P 18650

The EVE 25P 18650 Rechargeable Battery is the best option available for supplying your portable devices with unparalleled dependability and efficiency. With its powerful 2500mAh capacity, this lithium-ion gem from EVE—a renowned leader in battery innovation—packs a punch and guarantees longer use times for your devices. With the EVE 25P, you can stay prepared for anything, from relaxing with your preferred vaporizer to going on outdoor excursions with a powerful lantern.

This battery provides steady and dependable power to even the most demanding devices, with a robust discharge rate of up to 20A. You can be confident to take on chores whether you're on the go or not because of its nominal voltages of 3.6V and maximum voltages of 4.2V, which guarantee consistent performance during each charging cycle.

The flat-top design of the EVE 25P ensures seamless compatibility with various devices, making it a convenient addition to any endeavor. Whether you're a seasoned expert employing standard equipment or a hobbyist exploring your creativity, this battery effortlessly integrates into your setup, offering hassle-free operation. It fits into any setup with ease. It may not have any built-in security features, but it can still support devices that have security features installed. To maintain longevity and safety, handle lithium-ion batteries carefully and follow suggested storage and usage guidelines.

With the EVE 25P 18650 Rechargeable Battery, you can now enjoy unmatched performance and dependability that will power all of your electronic projects continuously. Bid farewell to disruptions and welcome to uninterrupted power that satisfies your desire and keeps you connected wherever your adventures take you.

EVE 25P 18650 Specifications:

1 Model 25P
2 Size 18650
3 Capacity 2500mAh
4 Maximum Discharge 20A
5 Nominal Voltage 3.6V

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