Smell Proof Bag + Accessories

Nectar Smell Proof Bag + Accessories

Nectar Smell Proof Bag + Accessories

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Introducing the Nectar Smell Proof + Accessories, your ultimate solution for storing, securing, and transporting all your vaping materials. This spacious odour-absorbing carrying case is designed to accommodate larger items while featuring removable dividers, making it perfect for organizing smaller accessories as well. With its convenient carry handle and smooth zipper closure, this smell-proof bag is a must-have for smoking and vaping enthusiasts everywhere. Our Smell Proof Set is a customer favorite, not only for its increased capacity but also for its ability to eliminate odours. Pungent liquids, oils, waxes, and dried herbs emit strong odours that can be absorbed into surrounding materials or attract unwanted attention. Thankfully, our carrying case features odour-attracting activated carbon, effectively trapping and neutralizing odours for enhanced discretion. Plus, with adjustable dividers, you can customize the interior to fit your favorite vaporizer and accessories securely without worrying about damage during transport. Security is paramount, which is why this large smell-proof bag includes an easy-to-use combination lock, keeping all your items safe without the need for a key. This advanced smell-proof storage option comes complete with an odour-absorbing case, removable liners, a UV-protected smell-proof jar, two smell-proof containers, an aluminum grinder, and nine mylar bags. Experience the ultimate in odor control and convenience with the Nectar Smell Proof + Accessories set.

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Nectar Smell Proof Bag + Accessories

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