Riot Squad Vape Kit

Riot Squad Connex Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - 20mg

Riot Squad Connex Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - 20mg

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Introducing the P47 Connex Kit, setting a new standard in vaping innovation. With its rechargeable USB Type-C battery, safety on/off switch, and two flavor-rich, recyclable 2ml pods, the P47 Connex Kit redefines the vaping experience. Whether you're new to vaping or seeking an eco-conscious option, the P47 Connex Kit ensures a seamless transition and unparalleled convenience. Experience the future of vaping with P47.

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Riot Squad Connex Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - 20mg

Presenting the revolutionary Riot Connex vape kit, which redefines sustainability, ease of use, and vaping pleasure. The Connex kit, designed with ease of use and environmental sustainability in mind, provides an unmatched vaping experience for both novice and experienced users.

The rechargeable USB Type-C battery at the center of the Connex package offers a cutting-edge and effective charging option (cable not included). This function fits in nicely with Riot Squad's dedication to sustainability because it not only assures convenience but also helps reduce the trash that comes with disposable batteries. 

Because of the Connex kit's simple on/off switch, safety is of the utmost importance. By avoiding inadvertent activation and offering consumers peace of mind during storage and transportation, this function adds an extra layer of protection.

Two 2ml pods, expertly produced in Riot Squad's UK laboratory and pre-filled with their unique e-liquid flavors, are included with every Connex kit. These high-quality e-liquids, which range from inventive combinations to timeless favorites, ensure a pleasurable vaping experience with each puff.

The Connex guarantees prolonged enjoyment without the need for regular refills or replacements, with up to 1200 puffs per kit. This prolonged use strengthens the kit's environmentally friendly credentials by improving convenience and lowering waste.

In conclusion, the Riot Connex is a shining example of innovation in the vaping sector, providing ease of use, sustainability, and great satisfaction with each puff. The Connex kit is the ideal traveling companion for anyone venturing into vaping, regardless of experience level. It offers a convenient, environmentally friendly substitute for single-use vapes.

Inside the box

1 x Riot Squad Connex Device

2 x Prefilled Connex Pods


1 USB Type-C Rechargeable Battery Enjoy the convenience of recharging with a modern USB Type-C connection.
2 Safety On/Off Switch Added security with an easy-to-use on/off switch to prevent accidental activation.
3 2ml Premium Flavoured Capsules Each capsule is pre-filled with 2ml of Riot’s finest, gourmet flavours, crafted in their UK laboratory for unparalleled satisfaction.
4 Custom Mesh Coil Technology Experience enhanced flavour and vapour production with Riot’s custom-designed mesh coils.
5 Eco-Friendly Capsule Recycling Once finished, capsules can be recycled with your regular household plastics.
6 User-Friendly Design As simple as disposables — unwrap the battery and capsule, switch on, connect, and vape away.
7 Up to 1200 Puffs Delivers approximately 1200 puffs per kit, ensuring a long-lasting vaping experience (based on two 600-puff detachable pods).
8 Wide Range of Flavours Indulge in a diverse selection of mouth-watering flavours, there's something for every palate.
9 Constructed from Recycled Materials Emphasizing Riot’s eco-friendly initiative, the device is made using recycled plastics.
10 Commitment to Carbon Negativity Every Riot product contributes to a carbon-negative footprint.

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Riot Squad Connex Prefilled Pod Vape Kit - 20mg

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for Riot Squad Vape Kit

"I m really delighted with the no-leak design and clean draw. The Riot Squad Connex is a game-changer for everyday vaping."


Neville . Verified Buyer Review . 6th of May 2024

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