Riot Squad E Liquid 50ml

Riot Squad E Liquid 50ml

Introducing Riot Squad E-Liquid 50ml – an explosive symphony of flavors to revolutionize your vaping experience. Immerse yourself in a riot of taste with every puff as bold and intense notes dance on your palate. Crafted to perfection, these 50ml shortfills deliver a vaping escapade that pushes boundaries. From tantalizing fruits to electrifying menthol, Riot Squad offers an unparalleled range to suit every craving. Unleash the rebellion in your taste buds and explore the complete Riot Squad E-Liquid collection, available on page P47 of our website. Elevate your vaping game with Riot Squad – where flavor meets rebellion.


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Menthol Melon


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Riot Squad E Liquid 50ml

Experience an explosive symphony of flavors with Riot Squad E-Liquid 50ml, a groundbreaking selection that promises to transform your vaping experience. Immerse yourself in a taste explosion with each puff, as powerful and intense flavor notes burn your palette, leaving a lasting satisfaction. These 50ml shortfills are precisely engineered to provide a vaping experience that pushes limits and challenges convention.

Riot Squad has an unequaled choice of tastes to satisfy any craving, from delectable fruits to electrifying menthol combinations. Riot Squad has something for everyone's tastes, whether you prefer the succulent richness of ripe fruits or the cold chill of menthol. Unleash the revolt in your taste senses by exploring the entire Riot Squad E-Liquid collection, which is only available in P47. Elevate your vaping game with Riot Squad, where flavor meets revolt, and embark on unforgettable taste sensations that challenge expectations.

What's inside the box?

1 x Riot Squad E Liquid 50ml

Riot Squad E-Liquid Flavors:

  • Menthol Melon
  • Riot Squad E-Liquid specifications:

    Bottle Size 50ml / 0mg
    Proportion PG / VG Ratio - 30 / 70
    Made UK
    Space to add 10ml Nic Shot
    Childproof cap
    Tamper seal

    Is Riot Squad Juice good?

    Indeed, Riot Squad Juice is exceptionally viewed as a superior brand in the vaping business. Famous for its strong flavors and great fixings, Riot Squad Juice has set up a good foundation for itself as a #1 among vapers around the world. Each vape juice is a satisfying and enjoyable experience because of its dedication to innovation and excellence.

    What are the ingredients in Riot Squad e-liquid?

    Riot Squad e-liquids are made with pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, vegetable glycerin derived from natural sources, and high-quality propylene glycol. Through cautious mixing of these top-notch fixings, we guarantee that each container conveys a remarkable flavor insight for vapers. With an emphasis on quality and immaculateness, Riot Squad is changing the vaping business. Investigate our choice of Riot Squad e-liquids on P47 and enjoy their creative flavors made with first-rate fixings.

    Are Riot Vapes good? 

    Indeed, Riot Vapes is profoundly viewed as a trustworthy and top-notch brand in the vaping local area. Known for their intense flavors and premium quality fixings, Uproar Vapes has gathered areas of strength among vapers around the world. Their obligation to greatness guarantees that each vaping item conveys a fantastic and charming experience. Discover why Riot Vapes is regarded as one of the industry's leading brands by looking through our selection of their products on P47.

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    for Riot Squad E Liquid 50ml

    "Riot Squad offers a hit-or-miss experience with diverse flavours, varying in taste authenticity and consistency. Highly suggested"


    Robert . Verified Buyer Review . 14th of March 2024

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