Staykil Household Flea Spray, 500ml Aerosol

Staykil Household Flea Spray, 500ml Aerosol

Staykil Household Flea Spray, 500ml Aerosol

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Staykil Household Flea Spray, a trusted defense against flea infestations for over 25 years, delivers rapid relief and long-lasting protection for your home. The powerful aerosol spray combines Tetramethrin and D-Phenothrin to effectively incapacitate and eliminate fleas, eggs, larvae, and dust mites, eradicating the entire flea life cycle. Perfect for summer months or unexpected outbreaks, this spray, when used alongside pet flea preventatives, can help eliminate infestations, though severe cases may take months to resolve. Follow the safety guidelines for application and enjoy a flea-free home with Staykil.

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Staykil Household Flea Spray, 500ml Aerosol

For over 25 years, Staykil Household Flea Spray has stood as a trusted weapon against flea infestations, providing rapid relief and lasting protection for your home. This powerful aerosol spray boasts a synergistic combination of two active ingredients, Tetramethrin and D-Phenothrin, which work in tandem to swiftly incapacitate and eliminate adult fleas, eggs, larvae, and dust mites, effectively eradicating the entire flea life cycle.

Because 95% of fleas live in homes, pets account for only 5% of the total flea population, which can be a Fleas and dust mites pose a significant challenge for homeowners as only 5% of the flea population resides on pets, while the remaining 95% infest the home environment. Consequently, if your pet has fleas, your home is likely already infested. When combined with your pet's flea preventative, Staykil Flea Spray can successfully eradicate the infestation from your house. Due to the lengthy flea life cycle, it may take several months to fully eradicate infestations that are severe.

This product is particularly helpful in the summer months when fleas are more common. Outbreaks can also happen when the heating is turned up or when a neglected area of the house is disturbed, which activates the dormant fleas.

Staykil Ingredients

The active ingredients in Staykil Household Flea Spray are as follows:

Tetramethrin: Staykil Household Flea Spray contains Tetramethrin at a concentration of 0.28%. This component induces instant paralysis in adult fleas which prevents them from biting and further infesting your home.

D-Phenothrin: Staykil contains D-Phenothrin at a concentration of 0.14% by weight. A synthetic insecticide that efficiently targets and eliminates both adult fleas and their larvae that ensures comprehensive flea control while prioritizing safety for household and pets.

Directions for use

1. To use Staykil Household Flea Spray, it's essential to remove all pets and children from the room being treated, vacuum thoroughly, and shake the can well before spraying.
2. Carefully spray all surfaces, such as carpets, baskets, and rugs, and remember to treat the entire house, including the car and any outbuildings frequented by the pet.
3. Human bedding and clothing do not need to be sprayed; a hot wash will suffice to kill eggs, larvae, and dust mites.
4. It's recommended to hold the bottle around 40 cm away from the surface being treated and to spray for 13 seconds per square meter of surface, using a sweeping motion.
5. Repeat the application after 7 days as required and vacuum every other day to encourage pupae to hatch.

Safety Information

Safety information advises against applying the product directly to pets and recommends avoiding spraying plastic or polished surfaces. Read the label before use and keep the product out of reach of children. Also, ensure that there are no naked flames, such as lit fires or candles, when using the product.

“Say hello to a flea-free home with Staykil Household Flea Spray – the trusted solution for over 25 years. Don't let fleas and dust mites rule your home – fight back with Staykil and experience rapid relief like never before!”

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Staykil Household Flea Spray, 500ml Aerosol

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2 Customer Reviews

for Staykil Household Flea Spray, 500ml Aerosol

"Staykil Household Flea Spray is a lifesaver and it is effective, easy to use, and doesn t smell like a science experiment gone wrong. You won t regret it"


Charlie . Verified Buyer Review . 5th of January 2024

"My dog brought home fleas and I was so stressed out Thankfully, a friend recommended Staykil Household Flea Spray. It worked like a charm and I haven t seen a single flea since. I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with a flea infestation."


Ashley . Verified Buyer Review . 12th of December 2023

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