Uwell Crown

Uwell Crown 5 Coils

Discover the superior performance of Uwell Crown 5 Coils designed exclusively for your Uwell Crown 5 Tank. Elevate your vaping satisfaction with these meticulously engineered coils, promising an unparalleled blend of flavor and vapor production. Crafted by Uwell, a renowned name in quality, the Crown 5 Coils ensure a reliable and gratifying experience with every use. Whether you lean towards a direct-lung or restricted draw, these coils adapt seamlessly to your vaping preferences. Refresh your tank and enhance every puff by embracing Uwell Crown 5 Coils – now available for an upgraded vaping journey on P47!

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Uwell Crown 5 Coils

Looking to customize your vaping experience further? Our Crown 5 coils are not only compatible with a wide range of sub-ohm vape devices but also offer versatility in performance. Whether you're a cloud chaser, flavor enthusiast, or seeking the perfect balance between the two, Crown 5 coils have got you covered. 

Boasting the lowest resistance and a triple mesh build, these coils are engineered to deliver clouds of vapor like never before. Ideal for use between 65 - 70W, they seamlessly pair with a variety of sub-ohm vape devices, ensuring a powerful and satisfying vape every time.

Seeking the perfect balance between flavor and vapor production? Look no further than our 0.3 Ohm Crown 5 coils. Featuring a dual mesh build and slightly higher resistance, these coils shine at 50 - 55W. Immerse yourself in a world where flavor nuances are accentuated, and clouds are still substantial, creating a harmonious vaping experience.

For those who crave the middle ground, our 0.23 Ohm Crown 5 coils offer the best of both worlds. Utilizing a single mesh build, these coils enhance e-liquid flavors while generating a bit more vapor than the 0.2 Ohm counterparts. With a recommended wattage range of 65 - 70W, these coils strike a perfect balance between flavor intensity and vapor production.

Experience unparalleled vapor production and flavor clarity with our triple mesh build coils, designed to push the boundaries of cloud creation. If you prefer a more nuanced flavor profile without compromising on cloud density, our dual mesh coils provide the ideal solution. And for those seeking a versatile option that delivers both flavor intensity and vapor volume, our single mesh coils offer the perfect compromise.

Whichever Crown 5 coil you choose, expect nothing less than exceptional performance and satisfaction with every draw. Elevate your vaping journey with Crown 5 coils, where innovation and customization combine to enhance your experience.

Can I use 70 VG in Caliburn?

In the Caliburn, you can use e-liquids with a VG/PG ratio of up to 70%. Nonetheless, it's vital to take note that the Caliburn works best with e-fluids that have a VG proportion going from half to 70%. Utilizing e-fluids inside this suggested range guarantees ideal execution and flavor conveyance in your Caliburn gadget. Investigate our determination of e-fluids customized for the Caliburn on P47 and partake in a fantastic vaping experience with your favored VG proportion.

Is it OK to change vape juice without changing the coil?

Yes, it is generally okay to change vape juice without changing the coil, especially if the flavors are similar or complementary. However, it's important to note that residual flavors from the previous vape juice may linger initially when switching to a new flavor. To minimize flavor blending, you can clean your tank thoroughly or simply vape through the remaining juice until the flavor dissipates. Additionally, some vapers prefer to change coils when switching between drastically different flavors to ensure a pure and untainted taste. At P47, we recommend experimenting to find the method that works best for you and your vaping preferences.

What is the best juice for a 1.0 ohm coil?

For a 1.0-ohm coil, the best vape juice to utilize is commonly a 50/50 mix. This fair proportion of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) guarantees ideal execution and flavor creation in gadgets with higher obstruction loops like the 1.0-ohm curl. At P47, we offer a choice of 50/50 vape juices ideal for your vaping needs. Enhance your vaping experience by exploring our juices made for 1.0-ohm coils.

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