Vessel Ridge Charger

Vessel Ridge Charger

Find a definitive ally for your P47 Compass Vaping gadget - the P47 Edge Charger. Designed considering accuracy and comfort, this minimized at-this-point strong charging dock guarantees your vaping experience stays continuous. Made to be super minimized and lightweight, the Edge Charger is intended for transportability, permitting you to re-energize your gadget in a hurry easily. Say goodbye to having to look for outlets or carry heavy chargers around. With the P47 Edge Charger, you can partake in the opportunity of advantageous charging whenever anywhere. Its smooth and moderate plan adds a bit of class to your vaping arrangement while giving the usefulness you want. At absolutely no point ever be gotten with an exhausted battery in the future. Keep your P47 Compass Vaping gadget fueled up and good to go with the P47 Edge Charger - the exemplification of accommodation and unwavering quality in vaping innovation.

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Vessel Ridge Charger

Embark on a journey of elevated charging sophistication with the latest addition to our prestigious P47 Collection—the P47 Base Charging Stand. Meticulously conceived with the Wood/Craftsman, Style, Formula, Expedition, Canyon, and Vista Series in mind, this charging stand epitomizes the fusion of timeless elegance and modern functionality.

Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, the P47 Base Charging Stand boasts a weighted foundation engineered for unrivaled stability. Say goodbye to wobbly charging stations; this stand exudes confidence, ensuring your devices remain steadfastly in place throughout the charging process.

But its allure extends beyond mere stability. The surface pad of the P47 Base Charging Stand is meticulously designed to thwart slipping, providing a secure resting place for your devices as they recharge. Bid farewell to the anxiety of devices sliding off; this stand guarantees peace of mind, safeguarding your devices throughout the charging cycle.

Inside the box

1 x Vessel Ridge Charger


1 Designed Exclusively for the Compass Series Specifically tailored for the Compass Series, ensuring seamless compatibility and aesthetic harmony.
2 Weighted Base Provides stability and prevents tipping over, ensuring the secure placement of your Compass Series device.
3 Non-Slip Surface Pad Engineered to prevent slipping, keeping your device securely in place during the charging process.
4 Includes USB to USB-C Cable (1.5m) Comes with a 1.5-meter USB to USB-C cable, offering convenient connectivity for charging your device.
5 Dimensions Compact dimensions of 1.5” length x 1.72” width x 1.44” height, optimizing space on your desktop or nightstand.
6 Weight Weighing 102 grams, this charging stand strikes the perfect balance between stability and portability.
7 Power Adapter Not Included Note: Power adapter not included; only use a CE/UL certified mobile phone or tablet USB charging block from a reputable brand.

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