VOOPOO Drag X S 510 Adapter

VOOPOO Drag X S 510 Adapter

Introducing the VOOPOO Drag X/S 510 Adapter, designed to add versatility and compatibility with the Drag X or Drag S. This adapter seamlessly converts your pod system to a 510 thread connection, allowing you to use a variety of tanks and atomizers. Made with precision technology, it ensures a secure fit and reliable performance. With the VOOPOO Drag X/S 510 adapter, you can experience the freedom to explore different vaping styles and customize your setup..

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VOOPOO Drag X S 510 Adapter

The VooPoo Drag X/S adapter offers enhanced versatility for users of the Drag S kit or Drag X kit by expanding compatibility beyond just pods. By integrating this adapter, you can utilize your Drag mods with tanks featuring a standard 510 connection, granting you the freedom to select a tank that suits your preferences. Now you can take advantage of the amazing performance of Drag modifications with your favourite tank; the days of only using pods are over.

A multitude of options are available with the Drag X/S adapter, regardless of your preference for a certain tank due to its design, coil selections, or performance attributes. These adapters are made with high-quality materials and precise machining to fit into your kit flawlessly and securely without rattling. With careful construction, a steady and dependable connection is ensured, upholding the excellent performance standards that have come to be associated with VooPoo products.

For the Drag S, the adapter supports tanks with power requirements of up to 60W, while the Drag X accommodates tanks and coils demanding up to 80W of power. With this adaptable solution, you can tailor your vaping experience to your exact preferences while enjoying the superior quality and performance VooPoo is renowned for.

  • VooPoo Drag X/S Adapter
  • VooPoo Tank Adapter
  • Drag X & Drag S Compatible
  • Compatible with 510 Tanks
  • Made in China

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VOOPOO Drag X S 510 Adapter

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