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By forming a purchase or deposing an order for our goods and/ or services, you must agree to abide by the terms and conditions defined below. However, please reach out to us through our website www.P47.co.uk If you have any questions about these conditions.

1. Rights and Obligations

1.1 You Undertake:

You attempt to make convenient installments for any amount owed to us. You likewise affirm that the individual data you give is valid, exact, current, and complete. You consent to immediately inform us regarding any progressions to your own data by utilizing the given contact subtleties. Moreover, you agree to avoid mimicking others or utilize a misleading name.

1.4. From time to time we may also have to make changes in the specification of any Good or Service:

We might have to change the particulars of product or service to guarantee it consents to somewhere safe and lawful prerequisites or to match any updates made by the manufacturer. These progressions are made to keep up with the quality and consistency of our contributions

1.5. Goods and Non-subscription Services:

For goods and non-subscription services, the policies and conditions essentially at the time of your purchase will apply, except if we are legally expected to roll out review improvements. If changes happen, they will apply to unfulfilled orders put before the progressions produced results. We won't roll out any significant changes or withdraw goods or non-subscription services that would hurt you, except circumstances beyond our control require it. While buying products, you should agree to the terms of end-user and licensing agreements.

2. Orders

To get to our goods and services, you should meet our eligibility criteria, which incorporates having an acceptable application and being a resident of the UK. services with least term contracts are simply accessible to people who are 18 years or older. When asked, you need to provide some other requested data (like your name, telephone number, address, payment details)

3. Payment

In case you do not make payment by the predetermined due date, we have authority to cancel the agreement for goods and non-subscription services. This move might be initiated without affecting any other rights or remedies we may have. If you don't pay on time, 2% interest will be charged each month until the full amount is paid. Payment method you use must be your own and is subject to authorization and approval checks. We are not liable for any delays or non-delivery resulting from failed checks or authorization. Once you have received the goods, you are responsible for any harm or misfortune.

4. Cancellation, Returns, and Exchange:

The other party can dissolve the agreement by giving a written notice with a 14-day period if either party materially violates the terms of these Conditions. In some circumstances, if you change your mind, we might think about providing a refund or an exchange for items. Goods and/or Services ordered online or over the phone only.

When you make your online order , within 14 days you can cancel it. However, once we have begun offering the services with your consent, you will be unable to cancel it. Other than software, audio recordings, or video recordings you are free to cancel orders for goods within 14 working days of the day you receive them. You may cancel your order by calling us on 07539244990. Still, you need to return them to us within a reasonable time, complete and undamaged, If you decide to cancel an order for goods. We may charge you for the costs of recovering the goods or the value of any missing or damaged particulars, If you fail to do so. However, you are responsible for returning them to our Returns Team at the specified address, and you may need to cover the cost of shipping, If we have not arranged for the goods to be collected. Please ensure they're ready for collection at the agreed time, If we've agreed to collect the goods.

5. Your Personal Information:

Your personal information is collected to deliver you goods or services. By agreeing to this, you are authorizing us to process your personal information according to our terms and conditions. That is available online at P47.co.uk.

6. Limitation of Liability:

If there was no breach of our legal duty of care or the harm was not reasonably predicted, we will not be liable for any loss or damage. Assuming that any misfortune is brought about by your break of these circumstances we won't be responsible for this. Our obligation covers no losses related to your business, like lost information, lost profit, or business interference.

7. General:

If both of us are unable to fulfill our promises because of conditions outside of our reach (like cataclysmic events, war, or government activities) we won't be expected to take responsibility. Just you and I can benefit from these Circumstances, and keeping in mind that I can allot or discard my privileges, you can't. These Circumstances are represented by English regulation, and if you wish to make a legitimate move, it should be done within the UK. Every statement works autonomously, so if one section is invalid, the others actually apply. We might screen or record calls for business purposes, and charges for client service calls may vary.

8. Handling complaints and sending notices:

To make a complaint, you can call 07539244990 within one month of the incident.

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